Connect, Compete, Win.

The Play Impossible system comes with ten free games that emphasize physical play, hand-eye, coordination, agility and creative thinking. Challenge yourself, challenge your friends!

Party Time

Grab your friends your Gameballs and compete in silly new challenges. This back and forth game introduces new activities like balancing the ball on the back of your fist for as long as you can, and team shake! Make sure someone is recording video, so the goofiness can live forever.



Compete against a friend or your previous high score in this high energy game of head to head action. Showdown allows you to race in challenges including: shaking, reaction time, jumping, spinning and tossing your Gamball.



Complete unique challenges, earning stars for precision, and become a Gameball master. Unlock stages and open new worlds with bigger and more difficult challenges.



A water balloon toss game. Keep the Gameball in the air for longer & longer and catch softly! Catch the ball too hard, and the water balloon pops and you must start over.



Race against the clock! Toss and catch the Gameball until you reach the target height. Go over, and your toss won’t count.



Keep away just got harder. Take turns with a friend. You try to keep the ball still, while they try to make it move.


Hot Taters

Modern day hot potato. Don’t get caught holding the ball! Be the last player in to win the game. Will that be you?


Sport Labs

Freeplay science mode! Explore what your Gameball can do. Toss it and study the physics behind the ball. Download your data to a spreadsheet if you so choose. Great for STEM!



Keep the Gameball up with taps, hits, volleys, without catching or dropping it. How long can you keep the streak alive?